Kingdom Pets Premium Duck Jerky Dog Treats

$25.99 (as of April 29, 2017, 12:54 pm)

100% Natural Ingredients
Made from Duck Breast Fillet
High protein, low fat

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169728 Dimension: 48 ouncesFeatures: -Crude Fiber Max: 1pct.-Moisture Max: 14pct.-Canine treats.-The 24 ouncesoption is made from six 4 ouncespackages.-Constituted of 100pct Herbal.-Wholesome and scrumptious.-Top protein.-Low Fats.-Low Calorie.-No biproducts or fillers.-Keep recent resealable bag.-Hen, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt.-Hen.-Crude Protein Min: 65pct.-Crude Fats Min: 1.5pct.-Crude Fats Max: 3.5pct. Choices: -To be had in 16 Ounces, 24 Ounces, and 48 ouncessizes. Colour/End: -No Synthetic Colours or flavors. Dimensions: -sixteen Ounces. Weight: 1 lb.-sixteen Ounces. Dimensions: 10” H x 8.five” W x 3.five” D.-four Ounces. – 6 Percent Weight: 0.25 lb.-four Ounces. – 6 Percent Dimensions: 9.five” H x 6” W x 1” D.-three Pound Weight: 3 lbs.-three Pound Dimensions: 11.five” H x 11.five” W x four” – five” D.
one hundred% Herbal Meals
Constituted of Duck Breast Fillet
Top protein, low Fats
No Synthetic Colours or Flavors



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